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Hotel Babysitting Aruba

Aruba Babysitter Guidelines & Prices

The charges per hour varies between US $25-$30 (taxes included) per hour for one child; $3 will be added per extra child (Brothers & Sisters Only). 

There is a charge per hour per family; daily-rates, weekly-rates, monthly-rates or group-rate are not applicable.

There is a 3 hours booking minimum. This just means that if you return early you are expected to pay your babysitting services for the full hours booked!

A 37% of the total amount is required up on reservation, there more details on the babaysitting request form...

Your babysitter is not allowed to leave hotel room/ property, unless given permission in written by a parent!


Thank you for booking with Aruba Babysitter!

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Hotel/Home Babysitting in Aruba

If you are visiting Aruba and staying in a hotel, house or apartment then why not book through our babysitting service? We offer our professional Babysitters to all Aruba's locations and you can even book at the very last minute.

All of the Babysitters on our books have been met, interviewed, selected and had their references checked so you can relax knowing that you are booking the best in town You can view and like some reviews on Facebook. We make it super quick and easy to book our Babysitters - you can either book here or let your hotel services arrange this on your behalf. If you have any questions, please Call or WhatsApp +297. 566-7204contact us on Facebook ARUBA BABYSITTER .



What our customers have to say

"Thank you for setting up your fab Babysitting service, Sussete who came on Saturday night was fantastic, and saved my husband from having a miserable birthday! "
We will be back soon!
Lauren, Miami FL.
"Your Babysitters are all such polite and clever young women.  It means so much to us as parents that you have met and vetted them all.  Your service is top jiiquality!" 
Thank you!
                          Lizbeth, Rochester NY

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